“Two years of challenging & rewarding experience” Raza Rumi says while leaving Daily Times

Senior and well known journalist and analyst Raza Rumi has resigned from his editorship in Daily Times. He announced his resignation on Facebook with good words.

“My editorship at Daily Times ended last week. Two years of challenging & rewarding experience. Professionally satisfied that I contributed to the revival of the paper. In 25 months, I managed to get at least 80 writers on board, introduced news analyses, added an arts & culture page, started two new pages called perspectives and insight to bring fresh commentaries and took editorial positions that many publications avoid. Of course some of the structural issues were beyond my control. But then working within constraints is what real world is all about.”

He further thanked his colleagues and mentioned that he had amazing experience working with them. He said ” Thanks to my wonderful colleagues who bridged the distance & stayed the course. Also special thanks to all the writers, reporters and bloggers who contributed and supported me.”

Raza Rumi is living in US but he never left giving his services to his home country. In his Facebook post he assured that he will keep serving for Pakistan.

” I am productively employed here in the U.S. but will continue to write and remain engaged with Pakistan. Wish me luck!”

In Pakistan, he also worked in the broadcast media as an analyst and hosted talk shows at Capital TV and Express News. Raza was also a Director at Jinnah Institute, a public policy think tank and Executive Director of Justice Network – a coalition of NGOs.

Prior to his foray into journalism and public affairs, Raza worked at the Asian Development Bank as a Governance Specialist.

His areas of focus included decentralization, access to justice, institutional development and led projects in several South and Southeast Asian countries. At ADB, he also edited two publications on public administration and participatory budget making. Later, as an international development professional, Raza has also worked on designing and implementing projects for UK’s Department For International Development, UNDP, UNICEF World Bank, among others.

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