Unveiling the mysteries – Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah discloses that the Lord pervades in everyone. He is not only to be found in Mansur, but also his executioner, as also the spectator.

Here is the Punjabi version followed by a crisp translation – a labour of love by Shahidain..
“Behad Ramzaan dasda nee
Meyndaa Dholann maahee
Meem de Ohley wasdaa nee
Meyndaa Dholann maahee

Auliyaa mansoor kahaawey
Ramz anal-haq aap bataaway
Aapey aap noon soolee charhaaway
Te kol khaloke hasdaa nee
Meyndaa Dholann maahee

Behad Ramzaan dasda nee,
Meyndaa Dholann maahee

Boundless signs He reveals
My Beloved Lover
In [letter] ‘M’ His dwelling conceals*
My Beloved Lover

As a saint Mansur gets Himself hailed
As the metaphor ‘I am Truth’ gets Himself hanged
On the gallows gets Himself impaled
Standing nearby with laughter He peals
My Beloved Lover

Boundless signs He reveals
My Beloved Lover
In ‘m’ His dwelling conceals
My Beloved Lover ( Translation by Prof Muzaffar Ghaffaar)

* The letter meem phonetically M in English is a mystical letter and meant to contain Divine mysteries apparent only to the ones who develop the inner eye through mystical knowledge. Another verse speaks of Meem as the only difference between Ahad (Singularity of God) and Ahmad (another name for Prophet Mohammad- who accordint to some was the foremost mystic/Sufi in Islam)

Another translation follows –

My dear Beloved discloses (unveils) many mysteries.

He dwells behind Meem
O my dear Beloved

He himself tells the mystery of anal-haq (I am the Truth)
He Himself is responsible for hanging Himself (Mansoor)
Then He Himself stands aside and laughs
Oh my dear Beloved

My dear Beloved discloses(unveils) many mysteries

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