I am the Spirit Moon
with no place.
You do not see me for I am hidden
inside the soul.
Others want you for themselves but I call you
back to yourself.
You give me many names but I am
beyond all names.
Sometimes you say I am deceitful
but as long as you are
I will be too.
Until you remain blind and deaf
I will be invisible.
I am the garden of all gardens
I speak as the King of all flowers
I am the spring of all waters.
My words are like a ship and the sea
is their meaning.
Come to me and I will take you
to the depths of spirit.


Translated by Azima Melita Kolin
and Maryam Mafi

3 Responses to I will take you to the depths of spirit

  1. Aadil says:

    Very deep and enchanting like the moon itself!

  2. […] singkat itu begitu berkesan, hingga aku meramban sana-sini.  Pencarianku terjawab oleh Jahane Rumi yang menampilkan puisi yang petikannya ada di video […]

  3. Anna Farida says:

    Helo Razarumi, I translate the poem into Indonesian. Hope you don’t mind. I link your website.
    This is the translation: http://annafaridaku.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/akulah-bulan-ruhaniah/

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