“Writer Arundhati Roy said in an interview last week that at least India’s growing middle class was reared on a diet of radical consumerism and aggressive greed.

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8 Responses to The new slave dynasty in South Asia?

  1. priya says:

    The pictures brought tears in my eyes Raza…..what a shame can we wear more than one suite?can we we eat more than one stomachful of food then why this greed ?i dont have answer do you?

  2. Meghan says:

    To me, these pictures show a breakdown in community, and a further push towards a capitalist caste system. As an American, sadly, I can say that I’ve seen these situations before. Are there any homeless shelters set up to feed the poor and hungry in India?

  3. priya says:

    its an ans to the question “are there any homeless shelters set up to feed the poor and hungry in India?:As an Indian I think i must give this answer Yes there are many shelters mostly run by private organisations and ngo’s.lots are there to be done.it is not the question of feeding and sheltering the poor ,it is to empower them otherwise we will make a generation of beggers.i think it is better to teach them to fish and not giving a piece of fish in their hands.What do the other readers feel?We have our share of problems in this side of the world and it is all same problem ……human one and not alien….. we can do a lot if we join hands coz world is a global village now.

  4. India must forget its dream of being a superpower if most of its people can’t live with reasonable dignity.

  5. Meghan says:

    I agree with you, Priya. Being self-reliant is the only way to grow away from disparity, and co-dependence leads to addiction. We, as a community, should empower others in need.

    And in regards to a global village, isn’t it beautiful to share our thoughts here from around the world?

  6. Wisdom says:

    Homelessness and poverty are not unique to Asia. I have lived in the West and I have seen much worse.Poverty is a GLOBAL problem and putting up homeles shelters isnt anywhere near solving the problem.I think we have to stop and question ourselves how much (wealth and materialism) is too much? And Mayank, being considered a superpower unfortunately has absolutely nothing do with how 90% of the population live, it is all about politics.For people in the slums across the world, the term superpower has no relevance or meaning. It does not give them their daily bread or ease the harsh realities of their lives.

  7. Rabia says:

    india is indeed straddled with many such issues such as massive poverty and injustice. as arundhati roy says, this is fueling the naxalite movement which is described as India’s biggest internal threat.

    the fantasies of “India Shining” are being built on the backs of these deprived people whose struggle for justice has been met with bullets in nandigram.

    the indian elite and middle classes systematically remove this misery from the world’s view and want to present only one side of the story – that of bollywood, money, IT success etc.

  8. Dastagir says:

    i have wondered about it – the heart rending contrast. there are 2 aspects to it. One is the social / philosophical aspect – mental make up or culture of any nation’s urban classes. Its unseen and intangible like God., but rules thru its unseen hand. The other is tangible and practical… and i would like to give vent to it.

    I am not the first person saying it.. Many others have said it before.. and all of us know it.. Yet, pls bear with me the repitition. Land Reforms in states where the poorest of the poor must have his own hut. Agriculture has to be given its DUE respect, lest a time comes when we have pie charts and bar charts and no food. We cant eat plastic billets. Come what may, we must grow our own food – and Governments must do all they can.. to retain the farmer in the village.. and keep him in a good mood (over the past decade, 120,000 indian farmers have committed suicide… during this period., BJP was in power for 6 years). Once the poorest man has a little land.. a hut.. a bonding.. a link.. a chain.. he will have less kids… because the threshold of survival has been crossed. From the Roti-Kapda-Makan, the “Makan” is secured. Now he has to slog for the Roti…. and that should come by way of Agricuture.

    The moment the villager is uprooted – he doesnt have land – there is drought – etc etc… they migrate to the cities. That places pressure on the infrastructure… and living in the city… the poor villager produces more kids… cuz 10 are better than 5 (short-term gain, i.e.). Every extra pair of hands, guarantees an extra Rs. 20-. So… this has to be addressed both at the mental level… (battle for the hearts and minds)… + the ground level. If SE Asian Governments do not care for farmers… that is a recipe for social turbulence ! There is another strong word for it… but i would rather not use it. One has only to read the history… just before the French Revolution… times of Louis XIV… the high costs of bread [Marie Antoniette’s famous comment !]… the rich exclusind themselves from paying taxes.. etc. etc. The thing we learn from history, is that we dont learn from history.

    Excess materialism will destroy Indian society. The muslims ruled india for 700 years., yet the social/cultural essense of hinduism in the main remained intact. Give 25 years of globalisation, and the MARYADA component of HInduism will be lost. 25 years of globalisation, and see how quickly and fastly Mohan will become “Mike”. Nothing wrong, per se… it is his freedom and choice.. and we should respect THAT (if it comes to that)… but the thing is… what is this globalisation offering us.

    If it is a deal.. we lose some.. and gain some… we have every right to evaluate what we are getting. Jeans.. plastic sun-glasses.. and superficiality. Thats all we are getting.. A sense of false-hood… In other words… a laughing scenario of :

    Kawwa Chaley – Hans Ki Chaal !

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