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Amazing how the past continues to interact with the present. Hatshepsut was an ancient Egyptian queen who declared herself as the king and ruled Egypt amid revolts, external threats. But as long as she ruled, she held the fort. Article here >>

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    15th century BC! Isn’t that an amazing find! It was a mere tooth that made this miraculous identification possible. The fact that the mummy had to be hidden because it upset the male sensibility of the time is a telling comment on the status of women during the time. Guess women have had it bad since times eternal. At times I wonder whether they are partly to blame for this age long relatively unchallenged servility… makings for another posting, hehe

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    Thanks IMM
    Indeed the invisibility of this mummy is but a testament to the position of women. Its discovery at least indicates that times may be changing albeit slowly and painfully.
    thanks for your comment and yes there is evidently a new post material here.