8th International Mystic Music Sufi Festival

Sufi Music and Expression of Devotion from the Muslim World is one among a rare festival initiated in Pakistan by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop.Performance Schedule

This festival celebrates the tradition of devotional expression through the performing arts in Muslim and other faith communities. Europe, the Middle East and South Asia – these are among the regions from which the performers in previous festival have hailed. Whether from rural or urban areas, farmlands or great cities, mountains or valleys, they share a common yearning for union with the One.

The commencement of International Mystic Sufi Festival 2010 has a particular relevance. Especially in these times with so many misconceptions have created a wide gap between the moderates and the conservatives’ minds.

We hope that the experience of International Mystic Sufi Festival will assist an understanding of Muslim as those who submit to God and seek the middle path of balance between faith and world, din and duniya, avoiding extremes.

International Mystic Music Sufi Festival will provide a show case into many traditions from throughout the Muslim world. With hope that the performances will enable and appreciate Islam’s peaceful and pluralistic tradition. While this year festival focuses on music and devotional expression, these values are central to all aspects of thought and life in Islam.

Sufi Music and other expression of from the Muslim World features artists from, Afghanistan, India, Germany and Pakistan performing music from various Sufi and other esoteric traditions of Islam. International Mystic Sufi Festival seeks to showcase Islam’s rich diversity of devotional expression through the performing arts reflecting different geographies, languages and traditions. Though different in form ,these performances illustrate the peaceful search for the divine that is common to all religious traditions.

Music and musicians play an important role in the Muslim world. From Indonesia, through South and central Asia, the Middle East, African and Europe, music serves not only as entertainment, but also as a way to express devotion and reinforce common values and tradition. Whether bringing listeners closer to God, sustaining cultural memory through epic tales or strengthening the bonds of community through festivity and celebration, musicians are central to the cultural life of Muslim throughout the world. That is what the International Mystic Music Sufi Festival strongly illustrates in its 10 years journey.

Sufi and other esoteric traditions of Islam manifest their devotion through diverse expression ranging from ecstatic movement in dance to meditative exercises in quiet solitude. These acts of devotion seek the promise of all-encompassing love, and the dissolution of the self in union with the Divine that cannot be easily conveyed. Music, poetry and dance therefore are important from of devotional expression. International Mystic Music Sufi Festival will brings together worlds – class performances. Over 400 artists and musicians will take the audience on a musical journey of the mind, body and soul, enlightening as well as entertaining through various music pieces, qawwali’s dhikr, kalams, songs and dance performances of whirling Sufis in this 4 days festival.

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Tassneem Peerzada

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Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop

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