A personal God?

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The “Creator” (according to a saying of the Prophet)

I AM for you, what you think of Me

The more I contemplate about this saying the more I
get convinced that each one of us `creat` a unique
“Creator” for ourselves which is according to our
specific understanding of “Him”. However, “He” is NOT
what each one of us think Him to be as mentioned by
Him in Quran – “And there is NOTHING that can be
compared with Him” (Verse:5 Chapter112)

The other saying of the Prophet is also extremely
meaningful – “the one who knows himself knows HIS
Lord”. A friend opened a new window in my thought process
by pointing out to the last part of the saying of the
Prophet i.e. `knows HIS Lord`. Here, the
hadith does not mention `knows THE Lord` instead it
says `knows HIS Lord` which `personalises the matter.
Hence, personal understanding of the `Creator` is
different for each person. So, each
one of us has a `personal God or no God`.


Courtesy Altaf at Thinking People

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