…in the Crevices of My Dreams

I had written about Ayesha Salman and her poetry earlier. I just read this poem by her that she had written for her beloved sister. Ayesha is truly gifted and her poem below is extremely evocative and touching.

In your absence my days are gestures and faces
In-congruent with time
The uncertainty of an action I don’t see
Or what is said unheard by me,
I wonder if knowing is important or if that’s just how its meant to be
In this short, sharp, maddening, incredible life.

A choking confusion spreads itself in me..
To lose hope in what is done everyday
to feel that it comes to nothing in the silence of your bed
to touch your cold face in the night
and know these phantoms will stay until you’re dead
To feel your thoughts rest on me like air multiplying
into butterflies
and to touch our days dying like brown hyacinth –
That is the magnificence of my life…
It is all enough, enough for me for now,
Enough for my body
that aches to be elsewhere
With you in the crevices of my dreams

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