Ask us about the lion of God

This caravan is not bringing our baggage — it has

none of the fire of our Friend.

Though the trees have all turned green, they

have caught no scent of our spring.

Your spirit may be a rosegarden, but its heart

has not been wounded by our thorn.

Your heart may be an ocean of realities, but its

boiling does not compare with that of our shore.

Although the mountains are very steady — by

God, they do not have our steadiness.

The spirit drunk with the morning wine has not

even caught a scent of our winesickness.

Venus herself, the minstrel of heaven, has not

the capacity for our work.

Ask us about the lion of God — every lion has

not our backbone.

Show not Shams-I Tabrizi’s coin to him who

has not our fineness!

— Ghazal (Ode) 695

Translation by William C. Chittick

“The Sufi Path of Love”

SUNY Press, Albany, 1983

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