Ayeda Naqvi on Sufism

Ayeda Naqvi makes some insightful remarks on Sufism in this article:

So if Nafs al Amarra is our bossy, controlling self and Nafs al Awamma is our unsure, insecure, hesitant self that allows us to be manipulated, what do we aim for? Nafs al Mutmaina. This is the natural self, which is not moved by the addictive compulsion of gratification (Id) or the restraining authoritarianism of self-doubt (Ego). Likened to Freud’s Super Ego, the Nafs al Mutamaina is one that already exists within us; it just has to be recognised.

This self is one that has broken free from the shackles of self-doubt as well as of self-righteousness. And as the aspirant evolves towards higher levels of consciousness, he is able to achieve spiritual liberty, the aim of Sufism. Freedom from oppression, both inner and outer, spiritual liberty refers to a state of consciousness in which man is able to recognise and overcome all obstacles that impede his spiritual growth.

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