By: asmaa bilal

i must offer my words of thanks and gratitiude. it was by a sheer chance tht i came by this blog yesterday. i was looking for some of allama iqbal’s snaps and got logged on. but it was sheer delight. today i also visited ur site of ghalib and it delighted me equally. the backdrop and the poetry togather is simply amazing. i lost my devan of galib long ago and the sight of his verses made my day.
munzer ik bulundee pur aur hum bana suktay
arsh say peraay hota kash kay makan apna
simply elating! its a pitty tht people are nt in touch wth the native litrature anymore. i bet they are missing on so keep on the good work as its crutial.
thanx for taking us out of mundane

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