By: seneca

My Friend,

Muslims are indeed “being demonised and some would say de-humanised”, as are Americans.

America is being demonized because of the utter stupidity of our current leadership. Who knows what further havoc they can wreak in the next two years?

Unfortunately, our current leaders do reflect the ignorance of the American public. It was so obvious that Bush was unread and knew nothing of the world, yet we elected him.

Muslims are demonized due to the horrid deeds of a few. Few bother to remember the Light that Muslims have cast upon this world. Few remember that, when the West was in its Dark Ages, the Muslim world was the only Light on this planet.

About 2% of America is Muslim. That does help us see the other side of the story a little. Furthermore, polls show that over 60% of Americans are dissatisfied with Bush.

I do think that Bush has damages America’s image in the world for the next scores of years. Likewise, I think the Muslim image is damaged.

There is no winner. Both have already lost.

Mike in Chicago.

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