Eid Mubarak – and another winter of discontent

Eid Mubarak to all….

I would like to share an email message sent by the Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN) on the survivors of the October 2005 earthquake. The message is aptly titled, “Another winter, another test of survival”.

I am reproducing excerpts from the message below.

“One year past the earthquake, the reconstruction and rehabilitation process in the earthquake affected areas of northern Pakistan is far from over. According to some recent assessments, almost 1.8 million people (about 300,000 households) are still without permanent shelters and are living in tents and transitional shelters that offer limited protection against the characteristic harsh winters of this region. With winters around the corner, they have become vulnerable once again and are in need of our support to survive the winter.”

The message further states:

“Our field teams have identified that the most pressing needs of the vulnerable families include tarpaulin sheets, CGI sheets, warm clothes for all ages and groups, blankets, quilts, winter shawls, rain coats, warm caps, socks and shoes.

You can help them at this Eid by making cash or in-kind donations, which we will use to procure the needed items and distribute to the vulnerable households.”

Details of how to send your contributions can be found here Let’s not forget the hapless, marginalized suvivors who need even more attention.

What an Eid – yet again..

I saw this poster published by an organization called Ummat. I am not aware of its antecedents but the caption struck me. In english, it means: “Do not forget us”

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