Facebook: Marketers Are Your ‘Friends’

Facebook cannot be all that benign. There is a privacy issue – I am not an expert and would like to know if the scary stories about Facebook are true?

Read this for example this morning:

The social network’s new ad system delivers everything you say, do, and buy to marketers with no opt out

And this was illuminating, too:

“… users may not react kindly to Facebook handing over their personal contacts to promote products. Facebook has run afoul of users before(BusinessWeek.com, 9/8/06), when it initially launched the news-feed features 14 months ago. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users complained that those feeds, which simply highlighted information they supplied on their personal pages, were an invasion of privacy. Thousands of people e-mailed the company. They formed groups. Zuckerberg & Co. were unprepared for the backlash and responded by adding privacy controls.”


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