Greater role for women in decision-making

Last week, I was invited to speak at a seminar on ‘Exploring the Gender Friendliness in Democratic Institutions’ orgnaised by The South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK). Met some interesting people and here is a quote from a national newspaper:

Raza Rumi said that women’s representation was still low in parliament and that the women’s quota should be implemented. He said that with the exception of the Balochistan High Court, no woman had been made a judge in the superior judiciary. He said that the male-dominated culture of political systems in Pakistan should be discouraged in order to firmly establish women politicians in decision-making positions. He said that almost every political party of Pakistan lacked democracy within the party. He said that the LG system used to facilitate women at a lower level and that its removal reduced women’s representation. He also said that the media was biased towards women.

Full report here

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