I am enslaved to fate, of all else say no more – Rumi

” I am enslaved to fate, of all else say no more

With a sweet tongue speak, else I plea say no more

Speak not of troubles, of treasures, tell me more

And if of this you know not, be not troubled, say no more

I have gone insane, Love found me, then whispered in my ear

‘I am here, cry not aloud, curse yourself not, say no more’

I said ‘ O Love it is other than Thee that I fear’

Said ‘ it may thus appear, yet it is not so, say no more

I speak in you ear, to you bring secrets near

Speak with your head, confirm a nod, say no more’

I asked, ‘ What do I see? Is it an angel or a man? ‘

Said ‘ no more an angel than a man, is another, say no more’

‘Tell me what it is, why withhold, why the flames of my torment fan’

Said ‘ just be tormented, confused, say no more

For leaving this colorful and false abode, you have made no plan

Rise up and just depart, leave this home, say no more’ ”

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

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