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The celebrated artist Iqbal Hussain also runs the famous Cooco’s cafe in the old Lahore. My friend of the Olive Ream fame was there some time ago and sent this link to his photo-blog.

I am reproducing the images captured by him below:

On the left is the main entrance to Cooco’s den – this is located opposite the Badshahi Mosque. It is a narrow street recently done up and as you walk down, you can approach the entrance to Lahore Fort. This is a stunning location.Lahore’s past has been re-invoked and introduced to so many people – locals as well as outsiders – just by one cafe. If anything Cooco’s cafe will be remembered as a trend-setting landmark in Lahore.

Another lovely image from the Cafe that has transformed the concept of ambiance in restaurants. Iqbal has used all the available antiques and relics from the multicultural past of Lahore to create a unique blend of art, history and composite culture that Lahore was once proud of!

The exterior of the cafe old reflecting the quintessential mood of old Lahore marred by the electricity wires and [mal]development…

And finally (below) the entrance to Cocoo’s adorned by Iqbal’s soulful paintings. The art displayed transforms the place and gives it another dimension

The Olive Ream has posted these lines from David Gray with the images re-produced above:

Did I imagine or do these walls have eyes
Did I imagine they held us hypnotized
Life in slow motion somehow it don’t feel real

How appropriate.

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