‘In My Own Words’: Did We Kill The Messenger?

October 23, 2018: ‘In My Own Words’: Did We Kill The Messenger?


All month we’ll be bringing you a little something different here at “In My Own Words” — a three-part series analyzing the media. We’ll be taking a look at the role media plays in various parts of our lives and tackling charged conversation topics that other’s just can’t seem to solve on Twitter.

The Boston Globe front page editorial was a call to action in 2016. On the front page laid the barrel of an assault rifle and in big block letters beside it was the plea: “MAKE IT STOP.” The Globe had taken a firm position in the gun rights debate, and the wall between opinion and straight news was being violated. In the years that have followed, that wall has been given a door — social media is hindering the journalist’s role as gatekeeper, mainstream media is erasing the voices of the moderate and trust in the media is deteriorating at a rapid pace. In this episode, we’re exploring the role of media in politics and the ways the media impacts social and political spheres with Raza Rumi, a journalist, Pakistani policy analyst and the director the the Park Center for Independent Media.

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