Karachi Literature Festival: Panel Discussion On Fake News And Disinformation

We are inundated with information, so much that lines of truth, fact, and value have blurred. One has to dig deeper and do silting to get to what is actual. Who bears the fault for fake news? What is the agenda for disinformation, where it is set and whom it targets? What tools can help us guage through all the “dust”? Many such questions abound. Amber Shamsi, Fahd Hussain, Freiha Aziz and Zarrar Khuhro attempt to answer these pertinent questions. Is too much information, the sources and media the key problem? The issue of fake news and dis(mis)information is way deeper and needs retrospection. Foremost is the need to identify and call the sinister sources and elements out. A collective thought process, ethics, accountability, incentive/disincentive mechanism and vigilance at personal space might be helpful tools. What else could there be?

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