Kashmiris Observe #BlackDay on Indian Independence Day

On India’s Independence Day on August 15, the country tightened security in Occupied Kashmir. Many roads were cordoned off with barbed wire in the main city of Srinagar. Ironically, the Independence Day parade held by government officials and security forces was attended by only a few local people. Outside the Sher-i-Kashmir cricket stadium, where the event was held, the streets remained empty. Most residents of the city remained indoors as a travel and communications blockade in the valley entered its 11th day. During the parade, there were fewer than 500 spectators in the stadium And most of them were from the security forces or government officials. Surveillance helicopters and drones with cameras hovered overhead during the parade. The Indian government’s claims of having Kashmiris on its side over the revocation of Article 370 fell flat as locals largely boycotted the Indian Independence Day celebrations.

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