More on Data Ganj Bakhsh of Lahore

Further to yesterday’s post on Data Saheb, Shirazi Saheb from Lahore has sent this story related to Data Ganj Baksh. The incident seems to have taken place in the early twentieth century.

I am reproducing it below:

Before independence Rae Bahadar Ram Saran Das lived near the shrine of Data Gang Bukhsh. He was one of the rich landlords of Punjab and a philanthropist who would not discriminate between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. His three sons caught Influenza when epidemic spread all around during World War I. Doctors including Colonel Sundar Land, husband of Maharaja Ranjit Singh grand daughter Bampa Daleep Singh who was the principal Kind Edward Medical College Lahore, did not know what to do.

Ram Saran sons were isolated in one room. Ram Saran narrates that one night he woke up and saw a pious person praying in the room. “Who are you,” Ram Saran asked perplexed. “I am your neighbour Data Gang Bukhsh. I could not see your dilemma and have come to pray for your sons. Do not worry. Allah willing they will get better,” Data Gang Bakhsh assured him.

Next day his sons started recovering. Soon they were all right. Roop Chand was one of Ram Saran sons who later served as Indian ambassador to Afghanistan.
Ram Saran Das arranged the electrification of Data Gang Bakhsh Shrine complex in gratitude.

Thanks to Shirazi Saheb for sending this. I also discovered a great site with some amazing photos of Data Darbar.

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