My Master has planted jasmine in my heart

Shahidain has sent another Bait from Sultan Bahu for Jahane Rumi

“Alif-Allaah chambe dee bootee
murshid man wich laee hoo
Naffee asbat daa panee milias
har rage har jaaee hoo
Andar bootee mushk machaaiaa
jaan phullan te aaee hoo
Jeeve murshid kaamil Baahoo
jain eh bootee laaee hoo

Alif-Allaah chambe dee bootee
murshid man wich laandaa hoo
Jis gatt utte sohanaa raazee
oho gatt sikhaandaa hoo
Hardam yaad rakhe har wele
sohanaa uthdaa bahndaa hoo
Aap samjh samjhendaa Bahoo!
aap aape ban jaandaa hoo

My Master has planted in my heart
the jasmine of Allah Name.
Both denial that the creation is real
and my embracing of God, the only reality
have nourished the seedling down to its core
When the buds of mystery unfolded
into the blossoms of revelation
my entire being was filled with Gods fragrance
May the perfect Master
who planted this jasmine in my heart
be ever blessed, O Bahu

My Master has sown in my heart
the jasmine of Allah Name.
He has taught me how to captivate
the heart of my charming Beloved
He keeps me in his thoughts eternally
He always makes me do his will
He himself grants me his wisdom, O Bahu
He himself molds me into his own real Self.”

(Translation by J.R.Puri/K.S.Khak)

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