Prince Charles on “East and West: Parables of the Soul”

Prince Charles was recently in Konya, Turkey on a state visit that coincides with Rumi’s 800th birth anniversary. Commenting on the appeal of Rumi globally, he said: “Is it perhaps the depth of yearning of the heart which we all feel and which he [Rumi]understands and describes so well.”

When asked what he thought of the shrine he added: “Fascinating, fascinating, there’s never enough time.”

He also made a speech there which is an amazing read. I am posting a few excepts here.

“God’s purpose for man is to acquire a seeing eye and an understanding heart.”

In an age of increasing ignorance, intolerance and mis-understanding it is perhaps worth reflecting on the one element that has the potential to unite us all beyond the World-Wide Web or globalization. That element lies in the mystery of the heart. Is it not strange that at a time in history when every taboo has seemingly been broken; every sacred cow slaughtered, that the very idea of mysticism itself the practice of the mystery of the heart seems to have become of far less significance?

And yet have not the founders of the World’s greatest religions all spoken in one way or another of the need to enter the temple of the heart? Why? Because, surely, is it not the mystery within, when once unlocked, that is able to inspire the kind of inner understanding which can break asunder the law of cause and effect that so undermines our attempts at reconciliation?

Therefore, what better occasion and what better place than here, near the resting place of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, to re-dedicate ourselves to the purpose of re-acquiring and understanding heart

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