Quick Roundup Of 2020: Democracy On Decline, Trump Defeat And Arab-Israel Relations

In an exclusive interview with Wajahat Ahmad, Raza Rumi discusses key global issues. The year of 2020 witnessed the decline of democracy with the rise of strongmen transgressing democratic processes and norms, pandemic that adversely affected lives and economies, and Israel-Arab friendship. The situation in the Middle East is changing. The UAE has recognized Israel. Now it is Oman’s turn. Work is also underway on Indonesia. There is a lot of pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel. Saudi Arabia says if Pakistan proceeds towards normalization, they would follow suite. Opponents of Trump have pushed him out of the way as he wreaked havoc on the country. This is a victory for  not only the American people but all the democrats around the world. Although there are a lot of concerns regarding Joe Biden, he would not be as reckless as Trump was. Where Corona is taking people’s lives, the economic losses have also come to the fore. The GDP of India and the United Kingdom has gone into negative.

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