Ramadan came to the heart’s temple

Ramadan came, but Bairam is with us.
The lock came, but the key is with us.

Mouth is closed. Eyes are opened.
That brilliance that the eyes see is with us.

We have cleaned soul and heart with fasting.
The dirt which has been with us is cleansed now.

Some stress comes from fasting,
But the invisible treasure of heart is with us.

Ramadan came to the heart’s temple;
The one who created heart is with us.

Since Salahuddin* is among this crowd,
Mansur and Beyazid* are with us.

^ Eid in Turkish‚

*Salahuddin: Rumi’s closest spiritual companion and disciple following the final disappearance of Shams-e Tabriz, whom he put in charge of the spiritual training of his disciples.

*Mansur and Beyazid: two famous Sufis of the past, Mansur al-Hallaj and Beyazid Bestami.

— Ghazal No. 370 from the Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi Translated by Nevit Ergin
(from the Turkish translation of the original
Persian by Golpinarli)
“Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi: Divan-i Kebir,”
Volume 18, 2002.


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