Raza Rumi recites Fehmida Riaz’s ‘Tum Bilkul Hum Jaise Nikle’

I recited Fehmida Riaz’s ‘Tum Bilkul Ham Jaise Niklay’ – 

Watch the full video below


tum bilkul ham jaise nikle

ab tak kahan chhape the bhaai 

(you turned out to be just like us where were you until now brother?)

vo murakhta vo ghamad-pan

jis men ham ne sadi ganvai

(That idiocy, that stupidity to which we lost an entire century)

akhir pahunchi dvaar tuhare

are badhai bahut badhai

(Finally has reached your side as well, congratulations from our side)

priit dharm ka naach raha hai

qaaem hindu raaj karoge

(Love for religion is on the high, you want to establish hindu rule?)

saare ulte kaaj karoge

apna chaman taraj karoge

(Will you make all those blunders? Will you ruin your own homes too?)

tum bhi baithe karoge socha

puuri hai vaisi tayyari

(You will also sit thinking like us, everthings just the same)

kaun hai hindu kaun nahin hai

tum bhi karoge fatva jaari

(Who’s hindu, who’s not, you will issue the same edicts)

hoga kathin yahan bhi jiina

danton aa jaega pasina

(living here too will be tough, even you teeth will sweat)

jaisi-taisi kata karegi

yahan bhi sab ki saans ghutegi

(Life will be rough here too, you’ll also look for fresh air to breath)

kal dukh se socha karti thi

soch k bohat hassi aaj aai

(I used to get sad about this thought but laughed heartily today at it)

tum bilkul hum jese niklay

hum dou qoam nahi the bhaai

(You turned out to be just like us, we were not two different nations)

bhaad men jaae shiksha-viksha

ab jahil-pan ke gun gaana

(Learning may go in hell, now you too will take pride in ignorance)

aage gadha hai ye mat dekho

vapas laao gaya zamana

(Don’t look at the trench ahead, just bring back the long gone past)

mashq karo tum aa jaega

ulte paanv chalte jaana

(Try a bit, it’s quite easy, to walk backwards on your feet)

dhyan na duuja man men aae

bas pichhe hi nazar jamana

(Don’t think of anything else, just keep your eyes fixed on the past)

ek jaap sa karte jaao

baram-bar yahi doharao

(Keep singing in chorus, you all)

kaisa viir mahan tha bharat

kitna ali-shan tha bharat

(How great and grand the India was)

phir tum log pahunch jaoge

bas parlok pahunch jaoge

(Then you people will get there, singing the same into the other world)

ham to hain pahle se vahan par

tum bhi samay nikalte rahna

(We are there already, so you also take some time out)

ab jis nark men jaao vahan se

chitthi-vitthi dalte rahna

(The hell you are going in now, keep writing to us from that town)

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