Rebel Angel: An exhibition at Mohatta Palace Museum -starts May 18, 2011


ASIM BUTT 1978-2010

Mohatta Palace Museum is hosting an exhibition of works by the late artist Asim Butt, commencing on Wednesday May 18, 2011. The show is titled Rebel Angel: Asim Butt 1978-2010. The exhibition will continue until July 31, 2011.

Asim Butt was a modern artist and social commentator who in the short span of his career produced a critical body of work within and outside his studio. He was innovative in his aesthetic oeuvre, painting large canvases in which he addressed issues concerning human behavior and social norms. He was deeply committed to the socio-political issues of his day and went out into the streets to paint graffiti and murals that invoked public reaction against war and injustice using trenchant symbols and hard hitting messages.

Asim Butt was born in Karachi in 1978 and lived abroad for some years before returning to Pakistan. He obtained a BSc from LUMS, Lahore and a fine art degree from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. He was well-informed and widely-read and his rebellion against social injustice continually manifested itself in his works.

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