Shobhaa De notices blogs from across the border

Shobhaa De has noted the ramblings of yours truly on her blog:

I came across a Pakistani blog that took him to the cleaners – but in such a witty way. Since he’d been clubbed with Modi (why not?), the blogger from across the border, urged the world to watch out for the new fascist on the block. Interestingly, his comments’ column is filled with entries from outraged young Indians expressing their admiration for Big Mouth Varun and defending his hate speech…

The best lines on her blog are about blogging itself-

It’s come to a sickening point : I blog, therefore, I am! I am hooked. Seriously. I don’t remember the last time I experienced the same sort of rush from writing. And I write, have written, shall continue to write etc etc etc. But, even after reams and reams of the stuff over so many years, blogging has hit the sweet spot like no other medium. It is freeing… hugely liberating… and entirely satisfying.

SD has in her usual style said it all.

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