Silhouettes of Intimacy (Waqt ke khandar se jo..)

Shalimar Gardens

Waqt Ke Khandar Se Jo

Qurb Ke Jharoke Se

Lamhe Chand Churae Thay

Garm Ret Ki Manind

Haath Se Phisalte Hain

Aankh Men Sulagte Hain

Din Bhi Badguman Se Hain

Shamen Ujri Ujri Si

Tum Agar Sanbhalo To

Aag Se Nikalo To

Rooh Ke Ufaq Par Door

Ek Badli Umdi Hai

Khul Ke Woh Baras Jai

Ek Shaam Bas Jai….!

And here’s an imperfect, improvised translation

From the ruins of time

and silhouettes of intimacy

we had stolen a few moments

that are slipping away

like warm grains of sand

and now smoulder in eyes

The days remain unforgiving

And the nights desolate

If you were to grasp and

Save me from the fire

Far – on the horizons of the soul

A little cloud will emerge

Will it pour and

Let an evening glow?

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