So it took Mr Greenspan years to admit this

Alan Greenspan the former chief of the US central bank, for years an inscrutable seer on the economy has outraged the Bush administration by alleging in his new memoir that the Iraq war is largely about oil.

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It is just too late, Mr Greenspan. After a million people dead, remnants of an ancient civilization and culture wiped out, the sectarian monster unleashed and the world fractured, this little home-truth might be a sensation for the doctored media.

Most of knew the underlying motive for this criminal war..

(having said that – better late than never)

Update: A good editorial from the Daily Times:

When the Administration reacted angrily, Mr Greenspan himself found it politically inconvenient to stick to his clear pronouncement, but his verdict has gone and mixed with the vortex of opinion complaining about the Bush Administration’s oil barons falling on Iraq for its oil. To count just the people at the top, President George W Bush himself, Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, have close links to the American oil industry, also called the Big Oil.

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