That one is my desire

show me your face,
i crave,
flowers and gardens,
open your lips,
i crave,
the taste of honey,
come out from,
behind the clouds,
i desire a sunny face,
your voice echoed,
saying “leave me alone”,
i wish to hear your voice,
again saying “leave me alone”,
i swear this city without you,
is a prison,
i am dying to get out,
to roam in deserts and mountains,
i am tired of,
flimsy friends and,
submissive companions,
i die to walk with the brave,
am blue hearing,
nagging voices and meek cries,
i desire loud music,
drunken parties and,
wild dance,
one hand holding,
a cup of wine,
one hand caressing your hair,
then dancing in orbital circle,
that is what i yearn for,
i can sing better than any nightingale,
but because of,
this city’s freaks,
i seal my lips,
while my heart weeps,
yesterday the wisest man,
holding a lit lantern,
in daylight,
was searching around town saying,
i am tired of,
all these beasts and brutes,
i seek,
a true human,
we have all looked,
for one but,
no one could be found,
they said,
yes he replied,
but my search is,
for the one,
who cannot be found!

— Translation by Nader Khalili

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