The Intercept: Moderating Panel Discussion On Investigative Journalism, Accountability

I moderated this event last week organised by the center that I direct – Park Center for Indepenent Media – and the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF). This was a discussion with Rodrigo Brandão and Sharon Lerner from investigative independent news outlet The Intercept held on Wednesday, March 24.

The conversation centered recent stories by Sharon Lerner that interrogated the human cost of cancer-causing emissions from large factories near towns. Rodrigo Brandão offered insights to The Intercept’s mission and function as an adversarial news organization, and abundant reports by Lerner demonstrated a commitment to accountability. Lerner details several other stories covering health and the environment, including global vaccine equity and COVID-19 cases by location in New York City.

Sharon Lerner’s reporting:

“Tracking an Invisible Killer” (Video)…​

“The War on the War on Cancer”…​

“Coronavirus Numbers Reflect New York City’s Deep Economic Divide”…​

“World Faces Covid-19 “Vaccine Apartheid”…​

“Leaked Audio Reveals How Coca-Cola Undermines Plastic Recycling Efforts”…

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