The roar of Rumi – 800 years on

Today is Mevlana’s 800th anniversary. Centuries later, his poetry and messages of love resonate across the globe. I am posting this piece by Charles Haviland (published on the BBC website). Haviland visits Balkhand meets the locals.This is a readable travel account, well informed and empathetic.And some great quotes, for instance a local official saying:

“Whether a person is from East or West, he can feel the roar of Rumi,”

I was struck by the beauty of the verses cited by the writer’s companion:

“Mawlana says – if the sky is not in love, then it will not be so clear. If the sun is not in love, then it will not be giving any light. If the river is not in love, then it will be in silence, it will not be moving. If the mountains, the earth are not in love, then there will be nothing growing.”

Read the full article here

Thanks to Isa, Mohib and Faisal for sending me the links to this article.

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