The Ship Sunk in Love

My evening glows with Rumi’s presence. I am posting poems that I have been reading today. Contrary to several purists, I enjoy all the modern translations of Rumi that have greatly helped in communicating his message across the globe. Each translator adds beauty to the original gems in Persian.


For my heart is Love’s dwelling.
If You will burn Your house, burn it, Love!
Who will say, ‘It’s not allowed’?
Burn this house thoroughly!
The lover’s house improves with fire.
From now on I will make burning my aim,
From now on I will make burning my aim,
for I am like the candle: burning only makes me brighter.
Abandon sleep tonight; traverse fro one night
the region of the sleepless.
Look upon these lovers who have become distraught
and like moths have died in union with the One Beloved.
Look upon this ship of God’s creatures
and see how it is sunk in Love.


…..And a few translations by Annemarie Schimmel

Should Love’s heart rejoice unless I burn?
ONCE a beloved asked her lover: “Friend,
You have seen many places in the world!
Now – which of all these cities was the best?
He said: “The city where my sweetheart lives!”




FROM MYSELF I am copper,
through You, friend, I am gold.
From myself I’m a stone, but
through You I am a gem!

O SUN, fill our house once more with light!
Make happy all your friends and blind your foes!
Rise from behind the hill, transform the stones
To rubies and the sour grapes to wine!
O Sun, make our vineyard fresh again,
And fill the steppes with houris and green cloaks!
Physician of the lovers, heaven’s lamp!
Rescus the lovers! Help the suffering!
Show but your face – the world is filled with light!
But if you cover it, it’s the darkest night!

The photo on top – Inside Rumi’s tomb – was taken by me

Photos below taken in misty hills – are courtesy JC

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