Travelling again

Once again I am travelling ..

I love to travel but when the internet connections in certain parts of the world are not great, I get a little flustered since blogging becomes a challenge.

This time I am determined not to neglect my young blog – and I will keep on appearing and disappearing.

How important it is to reflect and spend some time with one’s self! I only realized this as I spent the Sunday afternoon walking in Hanoi’s chilly weather. Just before the sunset when Hanoi melted with light, I thought of these lines from Rumi:

You can see a friend even with your eyes shut,
when you’ve made the skin a window for spiritual ideas

Hanoi is quite a magical place – civilizations breathe in the air and there are ancient signs of spirituality embedded in the surroundings.

I will write more – must save this post before the connection drops..

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