Two poems from Spain

A Spanish friend with Sufi leanings, Ignacio de Miguel D’az, has sent two of his poems that are true from his heart and I would like to share them with other readers here.

Ignacio wrote this to me before he sent the poems:

“I am interestesd mainly in mystical traditions (but not limited to religion.. I think it to be a personal thing and not a credence with hierarchical institutional organizations) and culture all over the world, trying to respect the spirit that Buddhism expresses as ‘my inner Budha recognises your inner Budha’, a communication based on empathy and comprehension of the other. I believe that’s the only way to live together and enjoy life, don’t you think?”


Everything is still,
stopped, hearing

Everything is still…

And I turn around It,


Your Truth.


Why we search inside us what can’t be found inside us
and sometimes searching outside we find what is inside us?

We will find outside that we are searching outside
the tavern that we are searching with its wine and its wine bearer .

What will be that we are searching, but we never will really find?
If we stop searching that, we will find what we are searching for.

Why we have to search what hasn’t to be searched?
Only by feeling life we will be able to find it

We will find it feeling, we will loose ourself living
to be able to match ourselves with the Beloved while drinking.

Begin to enjoy ourselves with His wine to get drunk
To satisfy ourselves and with Life fill ourselves.

We want to get drunk, return to enjoy ourselves
and not sleeping inside us, unable to find Him.

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