Varun Gandhi is a scary bigot

A post at Pak Tea House and the subsequent sharp comments have attracted some ire among the readers as to what is Varun Gandhi issue doing here? Indeed, the question merits some deliberation. We in Pakistan are constantly being demonised by the Indian mainstream media as a ‘terrorist’ country and that we are a great threat to the ‘secular’, shining India. Varun gandhi’s remarks as the saner elements of Indian media and commentators are saying only show that people have gotten away with such crap. The fissures in the secular Indian democracy get even more evident when such speeches are delivered.

Varun Gandhi’s remarks on Muslims, hate speech that goes beyond all measures of ‘hate speech’ concerns us as it only exposes us to brigades of hatred, communalism and violence across the border. If our jihadis or Islamists get inordinate attention then why should a bigoted idiot like the young Gandhi not worry us? Imagine if by a stroke of misfortune he comes to power surely we are all set to be chopped off as we – the Muslims – have ‘scary’ names; and that Pakistan would be the next target once Narendara Modi-esque pogroms are completed against Indian Muslims.

The shining stars of India – the big business including the Tatas, Mittals and Ambanis – have cited Modi as their preferred choice for the next Prime Minister. Scary? Absolutely. Yes we don’t have a great record of protecting our minorities but then the tall claims of India and its leadership fall flat when Modi not only rules as a Chief Minister but is a choicest candidate for capitalists with billion dollar homes and ownerships of international cartels.

Indian Election Commission has taken note of Varun Gandhi’s criminal speech and hopefully they will proceed against him.

The truth is that state failure is evident in all countries of South Asia where constitutions, laws and rules are nothing but instruments in the hands of caste, communalism, militarism and jingoism of nation states.

Shame on Varun Gandhi and shame on his supporters who want to save him – the key defender being another hate-guru Bal Thackery.

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