What was said to the Rose…

“What was said to the rose that made it open,
Was said to me, here in my chest.”

I was struck by this image of Hu inside Rumi’s tomb in Konya. It is a unique calligraphic style with layers of meaning. Hu is juxtaposed with its mirror image resembling the internal experience of a Sufi – self realization leading to actualizing Divine reality in ourselves…

“Eternity is the mirror of the temporal, the temporal the mirror of pre-eternity – in this mirror those
two are twisted together like his tresses..” (Translation: A J Arberry- online)

Singing from the heart leads to an immersion in Hu – that silent, thundering presence of the Divine. The tradition of Zikr or remembrance in Sufism employs the chanting and out-breathing of Hu.

The pathway to Truth is ” inside..”

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