SURVEY: South Asian countries not too happy, survey finds

SAJA Forum has this interesting post:

Bangladesh, India and Pakistan ranked 64th, 68th and 81st in the latest World Values Survey published by the United States National Science Foundation which surveyed people from 97 countries to discover who is happiest.

Denmark became the happiest country with a 4.24 mean score. The United States ranked 16th with a 3.55. 

Bangladesh scored 1, India scored 0.85 and Pakistan scored -0.30, a negative score which indicated “predominantly unhappy or dissatisfied publics.”

Click here to see the full list(PDF version). Watch political scientist Ronald Inglehart talk about how economic growth, democratization and social tolerance lead to happiness.

Also, I should mention how Bhutan‘s Gross National Happiness Commission, which was the subject of a WSJ article this past March, is making an attempt to gauge its citizens’ happiness and boost their morale as the country heads towards a new direction.

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  • Sidhusaaheb

    The people of the two Punjabs used to have a sense of humour that was legendary. They seem to be losing some of that now.

  • Farida

    Salaam Raza Rumi saheb.

    Thanks for your informative post. We have added this to our website :


  • flygye12

    we’re all three poor n grumpy countries…agreed. but how come bangladesh is happier than the other two…. .lol

  • Manzoor

    Yeah predominant gloom has become a part of life in Pakistan as the financial crunch and sky rocketing prices have pushed a major part of population below the poverty line. Similarly, the law and order situation and mass media portrayal of terror has also added to the public disenchantment with the country and society.