60 Years of Independence – some links

Found these great links on the internet:

Freedom at Midnight by VK Joshi
Bombay Stock Exchange – Epitomizing India’s Growth by Nayanima Basu
Raising a Toast to the Indian Diaspora on Independence Anniversary By Aroonim Bhuyan
The 60 Days to August 15, 1947 by Joydeep Gupta
When India Wears its Badge of Patriotism With Pride by Anil Sharma
With Glimmer in Their Eyes, They Tell Tales of Valour by Shyam Pandharipande
Abdullah Paid for Favouring India’s Secularism by Sarwar Kashani
Confident India Pauses, Remembers, Moves Fast Forward
‘Dear NRI Son’, Writes Mother India, Aged 60 by Kul Bhushan
Hope Floats in Kolkata’s Heritage Zones by Sujoy Dhar
Post-Independence, India’s Olympic Performance Dismal
From a ‘Babu’ to Being the Mahatma’s Man by Papri Sri Raman
A Historic Congress Session and Nagpur’s Freedom Struggle by Shyam Pandharipande
Booming India Key to Global Economic Growth by Joydeep Gupta
That Blissful Dawn, Those Ringing Headlines by Manish Chand
The Milestones of Independent India by Joydeep Gupta
60 Sporting Reasons to celebrate India at 60 by Qaiser Mohammad Ali
A Midnight’s Child Wishes Empowerment for Rural Women by Prashant K. Nanda
Revolutionary Who Kept Death at Bay till August 15, 1947 by R.K. Parashar
60 Years After Partition US De-hyphenates India, Pakistan by Arun Kumar
Nehru’s Memorable Dawn of Independence Speech
India at 60: A Remarkable Success Story by Amulya Ganguly
At Wagah Border, A Sea Change in 60 Years by Jaideep Sarin
India is a Model for Universal Brotherhood, says Maulana Parekh by Shyam Pandharipande
Indian Science Conquers New Frontiers
Sixty Years and a Life of Empowerment by Azera Rahman
Six Decades of Dynamic Filmmaking in India by Prithwish Ganguly
An Asian City Rises, But Old Charms Fade by Fakir Balaji and V.S. Karnic
Indian Women Still Have Miles to Go by Liz Mathew
60 Years of India-Britain Ties: Onwards and Upwards by Prasun Sonwalkar
60 Years After Partition, ‘Home’ Still Beckons by Azera Rahman
Shimla – More Than Just Raj Nostalgia by Baldev S. Chauhan
In 60 Years, Bhagat Singh’s Village is Modern and Completely NRI by Jaideep Sarin
I celebrate Independence Day, Not my Birthday: Rakhee by Aparna
Where August 15 Only Ignites Fear, Sorrow by Syed Zarir Hussain
Another Special Birthday for Miss Independence by Shyam Pandharipande
When Kashmiri Peasants Got the Land They Tilled by F. Ahmed
Painful Memories for Erstwhile Hyderabad State by Mohammed Shafeeq
Fighting for a Better India – Six Decades and Counting by Jatindra Dash

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