Ajmer – this Friday..

The saint of saints (Khawaje Khawaji-gaan) buried in Ajmer is a centre-point of Sufi thought and practice in the Indian subcontinent even today…
Pilgrims of all faiths, tribes and castes still pay homage on a daily basis seeking the Divine grace.
Ajmer is a true symbol of inter-faith harmony and the ocean where all streams mingle and merge..
This is one of the places where wild roses are collected as an offering…

The main entrance to the shrine with the sign “Baab-i-Rahmat” inscribed above the front door.
You can sense the warmth and magnetism that pulls one towards the door..

The other entrance is also busy.
The architecture reflects the Mughal-Indian craftsmanship reflecting Khawaja’s native, ever-lasting ethos

This is a dreamy setting, with undulating hills and noisy settlements in the backdrop and yet there is peace all around…

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