Book E-Launch – The Battle For Pakistan: The Bitter US Friendship and A Tough Neighborhood

In this e-launch of Shuja Nawaz’s The Battle for Pakistan: The Bitter US Friendship and A Tough Neighborhood, the panelists (Shuja Nawaz, Raza Rumi, Huma Baqai and Ejaz Haider) discuss Pakistan’s foreign relations, security situation, economics and governance. Has Pakistan been the “price-setter” or the “price-taker” in its international posturing; has Pakistan had much choice with respect to its foreign policy; why hasn’t Pakistan been able to benefit from its advantaged strategic location; why has the military adopted an overblown role in Pakistan’s internal affairs and why has it been given the space for this? These are just a few of the questions the panelists discuss, offering remarkable insights on each. The Battle for Pakistan analyses the most recent events in Pakistani history in great detail, with the 2nd edition covering events up to 2019. Many of Nawaz’s observations, insights and predictions have already seen the test of time in the rapidly changing geopolitical landscape.


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