By: Tahir Yazdani Malik

Kucha Kakayzai
One small residential district in the walled city of Lahore, incidently is still well preserved . The early Kakayzais who settled in Lahore were Horse traders. They used a non-verbal, coded sign language to sell horses. This language is still used in many parts of Pakistan. There used to be atleast four wells of which only one is still intact. Small Shrines or rather remnants of shrines remain embedded in some corners of the streets of this Kucha , were presntly women and young children burn candles or oil
filled terracotta lamps”Diyas’. This clan women famous for taking up verbal fights across the street
sitting comfortably in ones home and still enjoying
the shouting and war like threats to the opposite household , the important cultural aspect of these
fights was the time management skills these women used in those times. At the time of the childrens arrival from schools they used a symbol of shutting down the fight by displaying a basket upside down
in the window. In this way they could take a break
and tend to the meals of there children and once the house hold chores were completed the verbal fights would resume and the baskets taken of the windows
Imagine such a tribe toady with codes and gestures to regulate daily life activities.

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