Kashmir resistance continues as Pak-India tenions remain high

Khabar se Agey, Raza Rumi on Karachi problems 30 January 2014

Pakistan’s Failed Experiments With Democracy

Raza Rumi on the International Crisis Group report on Pakistan

On India, Pakistan, politics and religious extremism

Recorded in April 2018 when I was invited by graduate students at Kennedy School for a talk.…

What Does The TLP Have To Do With Bahawalpur Professor’s Gruesome Murder?



Incomplete BRT Project Raises Question Mark On PTI’s Performance in KP

Mumkin, Raza Rumis analysis on the leaked OBL commission report

More on abidi factor – he was an ideological person.

India, Pakistan Need To Get Their House In Order Before Blaming Each Other

Raza Rumi says OBL Commission fails to serve its purpose

Pakistan moves 25 places on World Happiness Index, ranks highest in South Asia

Raza Rumi says other Muslim countries have adopted birth control

Lifting ban on Basant a good move, says Raza Rumi

Women Empowerment Through Shelter And Transport

Is India To Blame For Dinosaur Extinction?

افغانستان اپنی تاریخ کے ایک نئے دلچسپ دوراہے پر کھڑا ہے

From an #Afghanistan #TV show. Idiot box makes it worse. #media

Mohammad bin Salman’s Pakistan visit a major boost for Pakistan economy

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