Effective Expression of Solidarity

TPS published this interesting post by Dan Tow

“As I have viewed recent events in Pakistan from the safety of my home in the US, I have been at a loss for what to say. My past articles have been kindly received by my generous Pakistani friends, but would I simply be wasting your time, to produce yet another article on general political theory and history, when you are in the midst of such turbulent times? I could try to comment on your own current events, which would at least be more immediately relevant, but I feel as unqualified as ever to say anything really specific about your local situation, since I lack your own detailed understanding of that situation you find yourselves in. Thus, although I want to at least share my concern and best wishes, I was stuck for a topic, and even undecided whether to write at all before things had sorted themselves out somewhat. Reading Yahoo news, I just got unstuck, and I hope you find this relevant:”


Published on the advice from Ghazala Khan of TPS.

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