Eighteen years later…

It took eighteen years to locate a friend. Much like a star, the moon, a constellation and an ancient river my friend R has been mercurial, moody and elusive. Hiding one day and emerging the other week, and missing for years.

It is for the technology that enabled me to get reconnected. There is so much to ask and years to tell. A long night of oblivion that was – blissful ignorance but somewhere an image lingered, a memory refused to fade and a star never slept. Our meeting this year will be an unpaid debt to ourselves. We parted in such a hurry and matter-of-fact-ness. Little did I know that it would take eighteen years.

I am amazed at how strongly I have felt in the recent days – it has to do with nostalgia and the slowly diminishing youth..Adulthood has phases that can only be described through experience.

I will be there soon. In the city of neems, pipals and crazy auto-rickshaws.

R, please do not go away..

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