Sad times in Lahore

What a sad day it was – a city that usually glows with spring colours and crisp air was a death-zone. Everyone was afraid and depressed after the morning killings. The wound is far deeper than it appears. It has to do with how our country is moving towards anarchy and mayhem. And, we all continue to be bystanders at best screaming spectators. There were brave policemen today which was a silver lining. These men of courage offered their lives to protect the guests from Sri Lanka. Cricket fans were devastated for what will happen to the favourite sport? Who will come to Pakistan.

But more importantly, this is not what Lahoris and Pakistanis deserve. The great games outside and inside have made us hostage to grand, vested interests. About time, we spoke about it and registered that we count.

Apologies to the people of Sri Lanka. We tried to protect your team but failed. Hope you will understand that we are now unable to protect ourselves.

Photocredit: Mohsin Raza/Reuters – funeral of the policemen who were killed by the terrorists.

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