Start Relief Activities In Kashmir, Expose Indian Human Rights Violations

Pakistanis observed a Black Day on Indian Independence Day, led rallies, arranged public meetings, made speeches, but is it enough for Kashmiris who are under siege for 2 weeks now? It is being reported that life is becoming increasingly difficult for Kashmiris; roads are blocked, markets closed, internet and media access denied. There’s acute shortage of medicine and food in the valley. Is it not our duty to gather food items, medicine, clothes, blankets and hand them to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)? So that they may distribute these goods among Kashmiris. These goods should be piled in front of UN office because Kashmiris are in dire need of these items. What it will do is that if India refuses to allow ICRC to distribute these goods, its human rights violations will be exposed. This issue may also be raised in UNSC’s session on Friday. We can’t expect much from Security Council as our Foreign Minister has already stated that Pakistanis shouldn’t be living in ‘fools’ paradise’. And of course we don’t want to live in a fools’ paradise. But at least we should immediately begin relief activities for the besieged Kashmiris.

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