The priest thrives on self promotion

A Bait from Sultan Bahu

“Haafiz parh parh karan takabbur,
mullaan karan vadaaee hoo
Saavan maah de badalaan vaangoon
phiran kitaabaan chaaee hoo
Jithe wekhan changaa chokhaa
parhn kalaam savaaee hoo
Doheen jahaaneen mutthe jihnaan
khaadhee wech kamaaee hoo”

The Hafiz is proud of of his learning
the priest thrives on self promotion
Like monsoon clouds they are continuously on the move
with books under arms, selling their honour
Wherever they find a promising household
they read scripture in loud, fervent strains
for lucrative commission.

O Bahu! They have put God’s name on sale
just to make a living.

In this world they live spiritually bankrupt
robbed of all honour, they go to the one beyond

(Translation by J.R.Puri/K.S.Khak)

For urdu or shahmukhi, the reader may use this

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