The sad reality of Indo-Pak relations

The inimitable Khalid Hasan writes with veiled frustration:

“….the last six decades of India-Pakistan relations have proved the step-by-step approach to be a dismal failure. Whereas what is needed is a quantum jump, what New Delhi and Islamabad have opted for is a slow belly crawl. At the rate at which they are going, it will take a hundred years to get to where they say they want to be.

Ahmed Faraz wrote: Faraz sehn-e-chaman mein bahar ka mausum: Na Faiz dekh sakay thay, na hum hi daikhain gey (Faraz, the coming of spring in our little garden, Faiz did not live to see, nor will we).

For once, I hope and pray Ahmed Faraz is wrong.”

Indeed, we all hope that Faraz Saheb is wrong this time.

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